Presentations & Publications

Upcoming Presentations:

None planned yet – but I do love to talk!


Everyone is a Designer! Making more inclusive design choices in everyday life

Design is everywhere, but we often don’t think about it – until we can’t access the service, place, or information we need. Font, colour, hierarchy and many other aspects of design effect access and inclusion. This is especially important when building a more inclusive city! Design creates barriers – and it can also reduce and remove them.

Speaking notes available upon request.

Create Your Own Accessible Documents!

Nell and Ted Niles from the in-house Design Services team at the City of Toronto share best practices for creating accessible documents. They will share tips and tools you can use in print and digital design, with demos in Microsoft Word and Acrobat Pro.

Speaking notes available upon request.


a11yTO Year in Review: UX/UI

Lightening talk on user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design highlights from the a11yTO Meet-up this year.

Accessible and Inclusive Design at the City (Version 2)

Nell and Fuhai Van spoke about the role the in-house graphic design team plays in accessibility at the City of Toronto. They shared best practices and case studies from work Design Services has done, ending with a demo on PDF accessibility.

Speaking notes available upon request.

Everyone is a Designer: Accessible Document Design

Nell shared best practices in accessible document design for Word and InDesign, sharing stories from her own life.

Speaking notes from Everyone is a Designer.


Accessible and Inclusive Design at the City (Version 1)

Nell shared the challenges, barriers, and innovative approaches to implementing the Information and Communication Standard of the AODA at a large public sector organization like the City of Toronto.

Speaking notes available upon request.

CSUN Recap – Panel Discussion

Nell shared highlights from her experience at CSUN Annual International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference.

Past Presentations:

  • Accessible Documents in Word and PDF, Ryerson University, 2015
  • Accessible Forms in Word and Acrobat, City of Toronto, 2015
  • Accessible Document Design in InDesign and Acrobat, City of Toronto, 2015
  • User Interface Design and Eye Fatigue, a11yTO Meetup, 2013
  • Accessibility Guidelines and Design – User Interface Track, Designing Enabling Economies and Policies (DEEP) Conference, 2013


  • Designers vs. Accessibility, IDA-N Inclusive Design Monthly Newsletter, 2016
  • A Handbook on the AODA, OBIAA and Accessibility Ontario, 2015
  • Report on Accessible Media (ROAM), OCUL and Inclusive Media and Design, 2014
  • Design Guidelines for User Interface Design of Eye Controlled AAC Systems that Help to Reduce Fatigue, OCAD University, 2013
  • Thinking Differently: Assistive Technology as a Complement to the Learning Style of Post-Secondary Students with ADHD: Recommendations for Design, OCAD University, 2013
  • Making eye-contact: alternatives to gaze-based assistive and augmentative communication strategies for severely motor-impaired persons,
    OCAD University, 2013
  • Common Pulse ’11, OCAD University, 2012.