Presentations & Publications

Upcoming Presentations:

None planned yet – but I do love to talk!


Create Your Own Accessible Documents!


a11yTO Year in Review: UX/UI

Lightening talk on user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design highlights from the a11yTO Meet-up this year.

Accessible and Inclusive Design at the City (Version 2)

Nell and Fuhai Van spoke about the role the in-house graphic design team plays in accessibility at the City of Toronto. They shared best practices and case studies from work Design Services has done, ending with a demo on PDF accessibility.

Speaking notes available upon request.

Everyone is a Designer: Accessible Document Design

Nell shared best practices in accessible document design for Word and InDesign, sharing stories from her own life.

Speaking notes from Everyone is a Designer.


Accessible and Inclusive Design at the City (Version 1)

Nell shared the challenges, barriers, and innovative approaches to implementing the Information and Communication Standard of the AODA at a large public sector organization like the City of Toronto.

Speaking notes available upon request.

CSUN Recap – Panel Discussion

Nell shared highlights from her experience at CSUN Annual International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference.

Past Presentations:

  • Accessible Documents in Word and PDF, Ryerson University, 2015
  • Accessible Forms in Word and Acrobat, City of Toronto, 2015
  • Accessible Document Design in InDesign and Acrobat, City of Toronto, 2015
  • User Interface Design and Eye Fatigue, a11yTO Meetup, 2013
  • Accessibility Guidelines and Design – User Interface Track, Designing Enabling Economies and Policies (DEEP) Conference, 2013


  • Designers vs. Accessibility, IDA-N Inclusive Design Monthly Newsletter, 2016
  • A Handbook on the AODA, OBIAA and Accessibility Ontario, 2015
  • Report on Accessible Media (ROAM), OCUL and Inclusive Media and Design, 2014
  • Design Guidelines for User Interface Design of Eye Controlled AAC Systems that Help to Reduce Fatigue, OCAD University, 2013
  • Thinking Differently: Assistive Technology as a Complement to the Learning Style of Post-Secondary Students with ADHD: Recommendations for Design, OCAD University, 2013
  • Making eye-contact: alternatives to gaze-based assistive and augmentative communication strategies for severely motor-impaired persons,
    OCAD University, 2013
  • Common Pulse ’11, OCAD University, 2012.