Is it worth visiting Dongguan?

A Toronto-based designer says absolutely

by Michael de Waal-Montgomery for The Nanfang Insider

Interview between Nell and a China-based web journalist, Michael, on her impressions of Dongguan, China. They discuss architecture and spirituality in China, and what attracts tourist like herself to Dongguan.

Nell Chitty & Alexandra Haagaard win best poster
at EyeTrackBehavior 2013

OCAD University Headlines

Article on the Mobile Experience Lab’s winning achievement of the Best Poster Award at EyeTrackBehavior 2013 – Tobii Eye Tracking Conference on Behavioral Research in Boston, April 2013 for their work on Cardinal, an eye gesture based communication application designed with Geoffrey Shea and Tahireh Lal.


Students recognized for their commitment
to improving the lives of seniors

by Andy Lee for the Ryerson Forum

Article announcing the winners of the 2009 Jack Brown Awards, featuring Nell’s work in designing a new typeface
for the visually impaired.