Nell has been an in-house designer at the City of Toronto since 2014. Her day-to-day work is diverse and always changing. It includes images and motion graphics for social media and web, document design, explanatory videos, and multi-faceted campaigns that include everything from billboards to Yonge-Dundas Square screen takeovers. Below is a snapshot of some of these projects. 
different shaped blocks stacked up, about to fall. Text: mental health crisis looks different for everyone. Ad shown as a poster, web ad, transit ad and newspaper ad.

Toronto Community Crisis Service awareness campaign, 2023.

The goal of the creative was to develop a campaign that said 'mental health' but not in a negative light and did not show people or exclusionary content. Nell developed a campaign showing a teetering stack of blocks, each a different shape, in the colours blue (depression) with a gradient to green (growth and hope). It was translated into multiple languages and formats. 

Toronto Animal Services campaign, 2023.

This campaign's aim was to educate the public on good dog etiquette and have people think about the repercussions without putting the dog or its handler in a negative light. The outcome was a cheerful dog named Angel having its mugshot taken on a bright pink background. 

Interior spread on colour guidelines; social media post on a phone; transit shelter ad; document template

Brand Guidelines and other assets for the City of Toronto's COVID-19 Immunization campaign, 2021.

This campaign won the Moveable Power of Design Award through the 2021 Registered Graphic Designer's In-House Design Awards . To view more on the award and campaign, please see: COVID-19 Immunization Campaign

transit shelter ad; digital screens at Yonge-Dundas square; social media post on a phone

"Celebrating with Fireworks?" campaign for use approaching Victoria Day and another for Canada Day, 2020. 

The social media video ad had one of the highest click-through-rates ever seen by Strategic Communications’ Advertising Coordinator at the time.

social media posts that read support local Toronto businesses showing bakery employees, people on Toronto streets with canvas tote bags, and a sidewalk sign

"Shop Local Business Reopening" social media campaign, 2021. To ensure Toronto was reflected in the photos used, Nell took around her own neighbourhood to supplement the imagery available through stock vendors. 

poetry on a bus shelter ad, on banners hanging in the rotunda in City Hall, and on cardboard cubes.

My City My Six was a city-wide community participatory public art project through the City of Toronto, 2017. 

Event needed to compliment TO Canada with Love and Cultural Hotspot event branding, as its funding source. The 6-word stories were featured at multiple arts organizations across the city, with a launch at City Hall

Cover and inside spread for the Ombudsman Toronto 2021 Annual Report

Ombudsman Toronto 2021 Annual Report, 2022. To view the full document, please see: Annual Reports

Cultural Loops Guide, multiple years (2016 shown above)

Exploring Toronto Gardens map, 2016. 

New Parking Violation Dispute Process, 2017. 

Promotional video for the City of Toronto, 2017, ranking as the 15th most popular video on the City's YouTube channel

Software used: Adobe Illustrator and GoAnimate. 

Voiceover by Matthew Steeves​​​​​​​

Ontario license plate, parking ticket, Ontario post box, and people standing at a City service counter

Illustrations Nell created for the video (Ontario license plate, parking ticket, post box, and City service counter)

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