At home with the new baby, 2024.

Blossom season with family, 2024.

Blonde child in blue overalls sitting on a lawn at sunset

Last Days of Summer, 2023

Three young girls in a field with a glass jar and a caterpillar

The triplets playing in a field, 2022.

Red Riding Hood, 2023.

Woman in blue eye shadow

Woman in blue, 2022. Model: Madeleine Fay.

young boy playing in the water of a rocky beach

Boy playing in the water, 2022. 

Glam tot, 2022.

The magic of winter's first snowfall, 2021.

Boy playing with a wooden crane on a porch.

Child playing, 2022. 

Before and after editing example, hiking toddler, 2020. 

woman in a pink dress holding a bouquet in a tulip field

Tulip season in Niagara, 2024. 

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